Appeal Training with The Landmark Practice

IPS invited the team from The Landmark Practice to a training afternoon at our office in Swindon, discussing the particulars of the appeal procedures, focusing on our considerable experience of the appeals process and to assist both practices with upcoming cases and workload.

The Landmark Practice are an award-winning environmental consultancy established in Bristol, with specialist knowledge in environmental planning, landscape and ecology. We have been working with the team on a number of recent projects, particularly within sensitive landscape and ecological designations which require careful assessment and consideration. The practice prides itself on providing practical and realistic advice on the opportunities and constraints of a site to inform solutions, balancing commercial and design needs in line with environmental policy, law and practice guidance.

The informal training session and discussion covered the different types of appeals and process and the production and presentation of evidence for the inquiry process. This included the importance of the SOCG, in more complicated cases at all levels and the preparation of evidence to ‘assist the Inspector in understanding the issues and enabling him / her to make a decision’

We are happy to share our expertise and knowledge and discuss any training requirements with our colleagues and clients alike. Please contact us if you feel we can be of assistance to you in this area. We actively encourage and develop stronger working relationships with our colleagues from different areas of expertise. A key consideration of our afternoon and training was an understanding of different areas of expertise and fully understand the case being made in its entirety, however avoiding straying into other subjects beyond the witness’s specific expertise!