Submission of Application for Residential Development at Croft Yard, Wanborough

IPS is pleased to announce the submission of an application to Swindon Borough Council for the development of 9 residential dwellings at Croft Yard, Wanborough.

The application site is located within the village’s urban framework, adjacent to the rural settlement boundary and to the east of the village of Upper Wanborough. The site is a former farmyard and is poorly maintained with a number of small dilapidated agricultural structures, most of which are redundant, poorly maintained and in disrepair.

Image Credit – Mathewson Waters Architects

The site lies within the Upper Wanborough Conservation Area. The proposals include the provision of 9 family dwellings, all of which provide 3 bedrooms. The proposed units will be a maximum of two storeys in height, reflecting nearby properties to the northwards and the westwards. The dwellings would form a mews-type arrangement along a central access ‘spine’, in order to create a sensitive, intimate layout that would appear as an informal traditional cluster grouping rather than a modern cul-de-sac. As part of the application proposals six parking spaces will be provided for patients of the adjacent Doctors Surgery.

Image Credit – Mathewson Waters Architects

The architectural style and build materials reflect the rural village quality of the site, and agricultural characteristics the location on the edge of the village, immediate area and the former stable building on site. The proposals have been carefully considered to limit any impact on heritage assets and listed buildings. The application proposes a sensitively designed development which reflects the previous farmyard setting of the site and blends with the existing form of development and characteristics of the locality, improving and enhancing the Conservation Area by developing a dilapidated and poorly maintained farmyard. The proposals lie within close proximity to a range of village services and immediately adjacent to the Doctors Surgery within Wanborough, which is a sustainable and appropriate location for residential development.

Image Credit – Mathewson Waters Architects

IPS have also submitted representations regarding the site to Swindon Borough Council’s Local Plan Review Process. In the current Regulation 19 Submission draft the site is allocated for residential development, supporting the promotion of the site as a sustainable and suitable location for development.

IPS look forward to continuing discussions with the Borough Council as this proposal progresses through the consultation process.