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Impact Planning Services provides a wide range of clients with experienced advice in relation to all aspects of town and country planning. We are a dedicated team of town planning professionals. We take pride in providing a professional service, giving sound advice to all of our customers on an array of planning issues, adding value to larger or more complex projects, or providing a bespoke service to suit any requirement and circumstances.

The Company has successfully established itself as a modestly scaled but specialist and experienced consultancy which concentrates upon the town and country planning aspects of various development projects. The Company’s experience extends to include the interpretation of specialist material such as environmental constraints analysis, urban design, heritage assessments, the enhancement of biodiversity; to name but a few; in order to provide a planning balance overview.

We do not accept instructions if we do not consider that there is a professionally justified basis upon which to act for prospective clients. We operate on the basis of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s Professional Code of Conduct. Our client base comprises a wide range of organisations, public and private sector bodies, NGO’s, Sport England and Local Planning Authorities, family trusts, educational establishments, land owners, developers, architects, solicitors, parish councils, local planning authorities, charities, individuals or groups who are seeking planning consultancy advice.We regularly work alongside an array of built environment experts, which are tailored to the constraints of each individual site and any client preferences.

We are here to help you understand the processes, the purposes, the pit falls, and the opportunities and provide you with the professional support which you need within the planning system. Please feel free to contact us without obligation to see if we can help with any projects you are considering.

What can we help you with?

We can provide a wide range of services in relation to all aspects of town and country planning.

This includes:

  • The preparation, submission and negotiation of planning applications for all forms of development
  • Design and Access Statements
  • The assessment of development potential, analysis of site constraints and opportunities
  • The promotion of strategic sites
  • The preparation, submission and presentation of appeals. The Practice has extensive experience in public inquiry cases
  • Instructions to Counsel
  • Detailed assessment of development implications for Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Archaeological sites
  • Enforcement, Advertisement Consent, Tree Preservation Orders, public rights of way and Diversion Orders
  • Community Infrastructure Levy and section 106 agreements
  • Expert witness and presentation of evidence
Town Planning, Planning Applications

Planning Applications


Town Planning, Planning Applications Swindon Planning Applications

We have supported clients submitting a wide range of planning applications. This includes crematoria, large scale housing projects, individual dwellings and extensions and renewable energy schemes.

We have considerable experience in the handling of all types of planning applications, including major development proposals, householder applications, CLEUD applications and enforcement cases. We guide our clients through every stage of the planning process from initial site meetings, pre-application advice/discussions, preparation and submission of planning applications and detailed negotiation with planning authorities and other statutory consultees.

Where appropriate, we also liaise with Council Members, key interest groups and the general public to ensure an application receives a smooth and efficient passage through the planning process.

Town Planning, Assessing Development Potential

Assessing Development Potential


Town Planning, Assessing Development Potential Assessing Development Potential

Deciding whether to invest in a site or project is the critical first step for any developer. Our team is able to provide a comprehensive process of analysis of the development helping our clients to understand and evaluate potential risk and cost and maximise development potential.

A comprehensive appraisal of wider environmental matters, including, ground conditions, engineering, flood risk, transport planning and built capacity can be undertaken in coordination with local technical experts.

As part of this process, we assess the most appropriate mix and form of development, checking the feasibility of proposed uses against planning objectives and policy, as well as development constraints, to identify the development potential of a given site and the most appropriate way of releasing its value.

Early appraisal enables accurate critical path analysis and financial calculations, can help to maximise the develop-able potential of sites and ensures that our developers are fully informed for site negotiations and the future technical and planning most relevant to your area of development.

Town Planning, Planning Appeals and Legal Instruction

Planning Appeals and Legal Instruction

Town Planning, Planning Evidence and Assessments

Evidence and Assessments


Town Planning, Planning Evidence and Assessments Planning Evidence and Assessments

Impact Planning can provide a comprehensive degree of evidence for most forms of development. For example, the data for Housing Delivery Tests, the 5-year supply of deliverable housing sites, monitoring of housing completions and the preparation of Action Plans to boost housing delivery.

When new proposals potentially impact on the delivery of existing community services, we can provide the most up to date robust evidence to illustrate what the impacts will be.

On employment, retail or leisure development we can assess the needs and provision within local/ strategic markets and provide reliable information about the current situation. We have GIS software which we use to carry out sequential site assessments and tests for Flood Risk Assessments.

Town Planning, Site Promotion



Town Planning, Site Promotion Site Promotion

The planning system is plan-led, which means that having your site allocated within a local plan is a significant advantage when seeking planning permission.

We have extensive and comprehensive experience, and knowledge of the plan making process. We can assist clients with the promotion of sites through the plan making process. This process requires expert knowledge and experience of the political pressures, viability, strategic planning issues and the duty to co-operate, amongst others, to ensure that sites are promoted in the right manner and at the right time.

Our team of Planners has helped clients to secure site allocations for a variety of developments by making appropriate representations on local and neighbourhood plans and we ensure that representations made are supported by a proportionate level of supporting evidence.

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