A Warm Welcome to Jemma and Joel

IPS are pleased to welcome two new members of staff to our practice in Swindon.


Jemma Clark joins the team as a Planning Assistant following the completion of her studies at Queen’s University Belfast. She studied BSc Planning, Environment and development at undergraduate level, graduating in 2022 and continuing her studies in Belfast to complete a MSc degree in City Planning and Design. She completed her thesis in September 2023 with a project on how Teenagers Experience Public Space in Chippenham, alongside the charity Make Space for Girls.

From Chippenham, Wiltshire, in her spare time Jemma enjoys a variety of creative hobbies such as baking and crocheting, alongside participating and watching sports such as cricket and netball. She is looking forward to starting her career in planning and using her experience and skills from her degree in a variety of projects alongside the team in Swindon.



Joel Forey joins the practice as a Planning Assistant following the completion of his degree in Urban Planning at Newcastle University, completing his studies earlier this year, focussing particularly on the impacts of changes to the economy and industries on small villages and towns across the north of England.  He also has experience working part-time at a local planning consultancy.

Joel is particularly interested in travelling and exploring as much of the country as possible, especially by using public transportation.  He hopes that this interest will allow him to build up place knowledge and understand how to integrate public transportation into future development plans to increase sustainability and connectivity in both urban and rural areas.  Joel also has a keen interest in local history and geography, having previously volunteered at a local museum in his home county of Northamptonshire, and a love of music, especially playing the guitar and piano and visiting local music events.

Joel is excited to begin his career in the planning industry, and be able to draw on the skills and experience he gained during his studies as he becomes part of the growing and successful team in Swindon.