Wiltshire Local Plan Review Consultation

Wiltshire Council are currently preparing a new local plan to guide development across the borough until 2038. Once adopted, the plan will form part of the Development Plan for the district and will act as a critical tool in guiding decisions about individual development proposals, acting as the starting-point for considering whether applications can be approved. The Local Plan sets out a vision and a framework for the future development of Wiltshire. It is drawn up by a Local Planning Authority in consultation with its community, providing a platform for local people to shape their future surroundings. The plan looks at, and defines, how development including housing, business construction and infrastructure can best benefit the area.

The draft plan is now moving to the final public pre-submission consultation (regulation 19), running from Wednesday 27 September, to Wednesday 22 November. This is an opportunity for all interested parties to have their say on the proposals. Following this consultation, it will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination.

This is the final consultation stage in the preparation of the plan and we would encourage all with interests in the development of the plan or land holdings, to contact IPS to discuss how to be involved with the consultation process and prepare representations to the consultation as necessary.