Submission of Application for Older Persons Housing in Tadley

Image Credit – NC Architects

Submission of Application for Older Persons Housing in Tadley

IPS is pleased to announce the submission of an application to Basingstoke and Dean District Council for the development of older person’s independent living accommodation. The IPS team worked with NC Architects on behalf of the Chris James Homes to prepare the application and suite of supporting information for the development of 4 single storey units, landscaping and associated works in Tadley, Hampshire.

The changing demographic of the UK population is focusing attention on addressing the concerns regarding the ageing population, longevity, public health and social welfare costs and critically, loneliness. These issues are driving policy-makers to find accommodation solutions which will inevitably lead to the need to find sites for ageing members of the population who want to downsize and remain independent, but importantly, close-by their existing social scene.

The population of the UK is aging. It is predicted that within district of Basingstoke & Deane alone the number of over 65’s will increase to 32,000 by the year 2041. This is equivalent to a 68.5% increase from 2016 to 2041.The development of accommodation specifically designed for older peoples is  is expressly supported within Policy CN4: of the Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan 2011 to 2029 for housing to accommodate active older people if it meets a local need as set out within the accompanying guidance.

Housing for active older people has several key design attributes which are generally not considered within other forms of residential development. These include the ability to accommodate or be easily modified to accommodate disabled access. Examples of this should include:

  • Wide doorways, usually approximately 1m, to facilitate wheelchair access,
  • Wide stairways, usually approximately 1.2m, to accommodate the installation of a platform lift or stair lift,
  • Increased internal manoeuvring space so that wheel chair users can easily travel around inside the property,
  • Additional vehicle manoeuvring space and disabled parking bays,
  • External doors have flush thresholds to ensure that wheel chair users can easily access the properties.
  • Routes between the parking bays and the front doors are paved or hard standing.
  • Electrical installations and sockets placed at multiple heights to ensure they can be utilised by wheel chair users.
  • Kitchen units are dual height to aid accessibility by wheel chair users.

While some of these design features appear relatively minor, they are of vital importance to the potential users of this type of development. We have worked closely with NC Architects to incorporate specific design features of this nature into the scheme.

Image Credit – NC Architects

The need for this type of development is clear and IPS is excited to be involved in assisting Chris James Homes and NC Architects in responding to this. The application site is considered to be well suited to this form of development due to its enclosed but not isolated position. Additionally, the close proximity of a very well serviced bus stop (less that a 100m walk from the application site) would provide easy access into the conurbation centre and services.

This application follows on from pre-application discussions with the Local Authority and we look forward to continuing discussions for this exciting proposal with officers at Basingstoke and Dean Council through the consultation process.