Approval for holiday accommodation use in Edington Wiltshire

IPS were pleased to secure approval of a change of use at Priory Farm in Edington, Wiltshire. The approval allows the owner to use the land and buildings for holiday accommodation for a maximum of 180 days per year.

An application was approved by Wilshire Council in June 2014 for the use of the land and buildings at The Priory, Edington for holiday accommodation on a single let basis / single party occupancy for no more than 180-days per calendar year. This permission was not implemented by the Applicant who now sought to renew this holiday accommodation consent for the basis of multi-party occupancy within a 180-day period and for a maximum continuous period of 28 days.

The site owner and Applicant and his family would retain the use of the land and buildings for personal family use and will continue to use Priory Farm as a private residence for the balance of the calendar year.

The scheme will did involve any physical alteration, extension or adaptation of the subject buildings and would therefore not cause any harm to the significance of heritage assets, in particular the Grade 1 listed Priory Farm. The principle of the use of Priory Farm for tourist accommodation had been clearly established by the previous grant of permission. There would be no net increase in the number of occupants proposed the only essential difference is the change from single party occupancy to multi-party occupancy. This is proposed due to the very limited and specialist component of the single holiday let market, principally single groups of families and friends, to a more commercially viable scheme which allows multiple small parties. This is particularly prevalent, following the COVID-19 outbreak, and recent changes to holiday trends.

The case officer was satisfied that the proposal would remain as a collection of holiday lets and would not be a hotel. The proposals were considered to accord with Core Policy 39 and 40 which supports the upgrading and intensification of existing tourism accommodation facilities where the proposals are of an appropriate scale and character, would not have an unacceptable impact on the vitality of a town centre. The application site is very much part of the village, located immediately adjacent to other dwellings and the Parish Church. The resubmission to renew the proposed holiday use at Priory Farm would not cause an unacceptable impact on the amenities and vitality of the village and will support the continued economic development of the village and support vital rural services.

IPS were pleased to secure an economical and commercially viable holiday use at this site in Edington.