Approval of Application for a Single Dwelling in Beaminster

Impact Planning Services were pleased to secure planning permission for a single dwelling in Beaminster this week. Following discussions with the West Dorset Planning team the application was reported to committee with a positive recommendation for approval.

The application sought the delivery of a single dwelling in a paddocked area, which lay beyond the defined settlement boundary of Beaminster. The access for the site lies within flood zones 2 / 3, however the built footprint of the dwelling lies within flood zone 1. Although the site lies outside the settlement boundary, Dorset Council are currently unable to demonstrate a five year supply of housing, and thus the policies for the supply of housing are considered to be out-of-date and the NPPF Paragraph 11d) is invoked. The site was considered to be a sustainable and suitable location for development, adjacent to the current settlement boundary, and close to the existing services which the town offers. The proposed 3 bed dwelling of one and a half storeys is a modest proposal with larch boarding and brick detailing.

Through discussions with the Case Officer and the production of a robust landscape assessment the officers’ initial concerns regarding the visual impact of the proposals, particularly considering the location of the site within the AONB, were fully addressed. Additional planting around the vicinity of the site will also deliver a minor beneficial landscape improvement to the area.

The application was reported to the Planning Committee with the Officers’ recommendation of approval, and without any technical objections to the proposals. This was the first virtual committee which IPS have been involved with as an Agent. We were pleased that the Councillors followed the Officers’ recommendation wholly supporting the proposals. Notwithstanding the positive outcome of the committee, the importance of high-quality imagery which was presented to Councillors via the form of a virtual presentation, was noted as a key requirement for this new form of committee meeting.

We look forward to working with the Applicant and securing the delivery of this proposal in the immediate future.

Image courtesy of Ashely Design