Call for Sites: Cotswold District

Cotswold District Council has commenced a ‘Call for Sites’ for potential housing, employment, retail, commercial, community and/or other uses. The Call for Sites will inform the Council’s Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) and other Local Plan evidence documents. The SHELAA provides a broad-brush assessment of the development potential of sites across the District.  The process is a review of the available land within the district to ensure sufficient deliverable housing and employment sites are available in the Local Plan period. In accordance with Government policy the council are required to identify potential sites and assess whether such sites are deliverable or developable for housing, employment or other economic uses.

Anyone wishing to submit a site or building for potential development in Cotswold District can do so and the site will be considered by the Council’s Planning Officers. Whilst this is separate from the Local Plan site allocation process, it will inform future reviews of the Development Plan.

If you have a site or building which you would like to be submitted to the SHELAA process, IPS would be happy to assist you. The deadline for submission is 2nd August 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the SHELAA process, or if your site would be suitable for promotion and development.