Certificate Of Lawfulness Granted for Rural Property in Wiltshire

IPS is delighted to have recently achieved a Certificate of Lawfulness establishing a rural property near Farley, Wiltshire as a permanent residential dwelling.

The property is a wooden lodge which was originally permitted for use as an office, canteen and night watchman’s post for an adjacent sawmill business. This property has since been permanently resided in for almost two decades. To achieve a Certificate of Lawful Use, thus, continue residential occupancy of the Lodge without the threat of enforcement action, evidence was collated to demonstrate the property had been occupied as a sole residence in excess of 10 years (as required under Section 191 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990). A comprehensive pack of information was submitted to Wiltshire Council, alongside witness statements to support the application. IPS were assisted by Hugh Ellins at Bevirs Law to complete this suite of information.

The case submitted was comprehensive, thus approved by the Case Officer promptly, prior to the statutory determination deadline. IPS is pleased to have achieved this positive result, swiftly enabling the client to lawfully continue the occupancy of their home.

If IPS may be of assistance against the threat of enforcement action or attempting to achieve a Certificate of Lawful Proposed or Existing Use, do not hesitate to get in touch today.