Permission Secured for Recycling Facility in Avonmouth, Bristol

Impact Planning Services Ltd are pleased to have secured permission, for a plasterboard recycling facility in Avonmouth, Bristol.

On behalf of our clients, Agricore, IPS prepared and submitted an application for the change of use  and extension of an existing warehousing building in the industrial area of Avonmouth, Bristol. The Applicant operates a waste business specialising in plasterboard recycling. They have become an established and experienced operator in this sector and are currently operating a number of recycling facilities across the country. The decision to extend their operations into the southwest was a response to demand and a need for this type of facility to process and recycle gypsum waste in the region.

The proposals had clear policy support for this type of development through Policy BCS4 and BCS8 of the Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy June 2011 (Principle Industrial and Warehousing Areas), which allocated the site within a priority area for industrial and warehousing development. The support for economic growth in this area is clear, specifically in reference to waste management uses and the retention of employment land, in particular industrial and warehousing uses.

Despite this, the application has taken over 10 months to determine owing to the staff resource pressures and financial constraints that most local planning authorities are currently facing. This included a 6 month wait for an officer to be allocated to the application for consideration and determination. This highlights the funding pressures which Local Authorities are currently facing in addition to the recruitment struggles for both public and private sector planners.

Notwithstanding the economic support through the local plan, the NPPF is clear in its support for economic development to build a strong and competitive economy. Significant weight is applied through chapter 6 of the framework on the need to support economic growth and productivity, and this regard there is clear support for the proposals in national policy. Whilst we are pleased that our client can now commence with the proposals, the delays in achieving permission for this application will have clear economic impacts, both for the Applicant and across the region.


22/03583/F Change of use from Use Class B8 to Use Class B2, for a plasterboard recycling facility. Including construction of new storage building. Link Building Smoke Lane Bristol BS11 0YA