Preserving Neighbour Amenity – Positive Planning in Marlborough

Preserving Neighbour Amenity – Positive Planning in Marlborough

Impact Planning Services (IPS) are pleased to have been involved in positively planning for the sustainable re-use of a former Chapel and Manse as a cinema and café/bar in Marlborough town centre. IPS worked on behalf of the neighbouring property owner, who had concerns regarding the proposals’ detrimental impact on residential amenity.

IPS prepared a letter of representation on behalf of our client and neighbouring property owner. This included recommendations for a number of issues which were of concern to our client including limiting noise disturbance, preventing overlooking, retaining privacy and securing continued safe access to the residential unit.

Through discussion with the case officer, IPS were able to negotiate the following amendments to the proposals and conditions associated with the grant of planning permission.

  • Condition requiring all windows facing the neighbouring property’s habitable rooms to be obscured glazed, to prevent overlooking from café patrons.
  • Removal of all windows directly adjacent to habitable rooms of the residential dwelling. This adds further protection to the property from noise emitting from the proposed kitchen area.
  • Condition to prevent the café access door being used as a general entrance or route for deliveries. This condition means the door sharing the front courtyard area with the residential dwelling is to be used in emergency circumstances only and this will safeguard the dwelling’s privacy from the future customers and staff of the business. This condition also means the access point will not experience an increase in vehicle activity and associated increases in noise and disturbance from delivery vehicles.
  • Concerns were raised about the potential for the café and bar aspect of the proposals to be severed from the cinema and operate as a separate business. Following discussions with the Case Officer a condition was implemented to ensure the café/bar cannot operate separately from the cinema.

These measures to preserve amenity are also supplemented by other conditions, stipulating mitigation measures outlined within the submitted Acoustics Report must be delivered in the interest of preserving residential amenity.

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These additions were able to improve the sustainability of the proposed cinema and associated café/bar and positively plan for delivering a valuable community asset for future generations of Marlborough. IPS worked closely with our client and case officer for the application at Wiltshire Council to achieve a positive outcome. We look forward to seeing the development of this unique Grade II listed building into a valuable community asset for Marlborough and the surrounding area.

If you are concerned about the impact of planning application, do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and assistance. Through discussion with the applicant and planning officers, there are often ways to secure appropriate mitigation in association with a planning consent.