Test Valley Crematorium

Impact Planning Services Ltd (IPS) was approached by the Westerleigh Group Ltd to assist with the preparation, submission and negotiation of a planning application for the development of a Crematorium within the Test Valley in 2015.

A pre-application submission was formulated, submitted and well received. The local community and Councillors acknowledging that such a facility was needed to serve the local community. A pre-application public consultation event was held to allow members of the public to as questions and provide feedback. Once this feedback had be assimilated into the proposal the full application was prepared and submitted.

It is important to note that it is highly unlikely that a Local Plan or Core Strategy will contain a provision for a crematorium. While all proposals for sustainable development should be positively considered, several successive rounds of consultation where required to reassure the Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) that a site location not within a settlement boundary was a prerequisite due to locational factors including the criteria set out the Cremation Act 1902. This stipulates that a crematorium must be a minimum of 200 yards from any residential dwelling.

IPS and the Westerleigh Group Ltd worked closely with TVBC to overcome a number of technical concerns including: landscape, transport, drainage and the concern within the local community that the crematorium would detrimentally impact upon air quality. It was made clear that environmental permitting regulations together with the excellent air filtration systems would prevent any potentially harmful material from being released into the atmosphere.

IPS submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment Screening under Regulation 5 of the Town and Country Planning Act (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011. The proposal was screened but the TVBC as “no EIA required”.

Shortly after this (18th October 2015) IPS submitted a full application to the TVBC which was ultimately approved on the 16th December 2015. IPS was retained to assist with subsequent discharging of conditions that followed on from this approval.

This proposal has been fully constructed and has been operating since 2016. IPS is proud to have assisted with the development of such a valuable community facility and is delighted with the quality and setting of the now completed and operating proposal.