Sevenoaks Local Plan – Examination

IPS successfully represented Edenbridge Town Council at the Sevenoaks District Council Local Plan Examination Hearings in September and October.  Edenbridge Town Council had concerns about the number and nature of new housing sites allocated beyond those which had been agreed by the Town Council.

Robert Wilson from IPS helped augment the concerns of the Town Council at two days of the Hearings. This together with other representations resulted in the Inspector recommending that the Local Plan should be withdrawn. A copy of her letter is attached below.

Sevenoaks District Council were understandably unhappy with this outcome and have requested that the Inspector reconsiders her recommendation.

We await the latest response from the Inspector…..

Update March 2020

Following an exchange of correspondence, the SDC requested the Inspector to send her final report. This report is dated 2nd March 2020 and was published on the SDC website on 6th March 2020. However, Robert Wilson identified a serious typo in this report which had been missed by the Planning Inspectorate and the SDC in their ‘fact check’ of the initial draft Inspector’s report.

This led to an e-mail exchange which identified the ‘eagle-eyes’ of Robert who spotted this error!

 On 9 Mar 2020, at 16:28, Robert Wilson wrote:

Dear Ms L. St John Howe,

I refer to the above report published on Sevenoaks Council’s web site. I note that on pages 9 and 10 (paragraph 29) of the report in the second sentence it states:

However, the evidence before me, including the minutes of meetings and the HPSs, does not demonstrate that there has not been active, constructive or on-going engagement in respect of unmet housing need’.

I believe this has an extra ‘not’ in the sentence resulting in a double negative!  Should the second ‘not’ in the quoted sentence be removed?

I look forward to your reply. 

R Wilson MSc (Dist) BA (Hons) MRTPI



On 10 Mar 2020 at 10:13, Louise St John Howe wrote:

Dear Mr R Wilson,

Thank you for your email concerning the typo in the Inspector’s Final Report.

The Inspector has asked me to pass on her thanks for your  eagle-eyes, which had been  missed by many others who have read the Report. 

PINS have been in touch with the Council to let them know of the typo in para 29 and will be sending a corrected version to the Council later today.
Kind regards,


Louise St John Howe
Programme Officer,