Shenley Park, Milton Keynes – Representations to the VALP

Impact Planning Services have been working with the Kingsmead Residents Group in Milton Keynes, to express concerns regarding the proposed residential extension and allocation of land at Shenley Park for at least 1150 dwellings within the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) 2013-2033.

Recently IPS submitted a series of representations to the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Modifications Consultation in December 2019. In those representations part of the case was made to the Inspector that he should reopen the Examination hearings, because the changes made to the Local Plan as part of Modifications were so significant, that further hearing sessions and scrutiny would be considered necessary to explore the issues raised. The changes included the allocation of Shenley Park for 1150 dwellings, a 110 bed care- home, new primary school and new link road.

The Vale of Aylesbury Council have since 1st April 2020 reorganised and have formed Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority in coordination with Chiltern, South Buckinghamshire and Wycombe District Councils. In December the Inspector published a discussion document D8 which is referenced ED265 in the Vale Of Aylesbury Local Plan examination web pages. In this the Inspector agrees that a further hearing session is necessary, which includes further discussion regarding the allocation for residential development at Shenley Park and the representations received. His document states:

This intention should not be taken to imply that I reject the Council’s responses to these representations. Indeed, I have raised only one question in relation to the Council’s responses to the representations made but I do recognise that the range and complexity of the representations made and the responses to them merit an opportunity for me to hear a thorough debate of the views presented by all parties’.

Within the context of the allocation at Shenley Park (D-WHA001 Shenley Park) he continues:

I would benefit from a hearing session to discuss the matters raised by…Robert Wilson of Impact Planning Services on behalf of Kingsmead Residents’ Group’.

This is a success for this Practice and our clients the Kingsmead Residents Group that the proposed changes including replacing Shenley Park with another strategic allocation at Eaton Leys, would be thoroughly explored by the Inspector through the additional hearing sessions and subsequent discussions, prior to completion of the Inspectors’ Final Report.

Proposed Further Modifications have now been published by the Council and this Practice has made another detailed representation on behalf of the Resident’s Group to these further changes in February 2021. We await confirmation of the date of the re-opened hearings, and expect that in accordance with COVID guidance, that this will be held virtually later this year.