Submission of an Application for a Veranda in Cotswold District

IPS were pleased to submit an application for a new veranda in association with a completed Dairy Shed Conversion in Bagendon, Gloucestershire this week.

An application for the conversion of the former Dairy Shed, to a permanent dwelling for the Applicants was permitted in February 2018. Whilst this included development within the curtilage of the dwelling and the construction of a terrace, the Applicants looked to enhance this, through the proposals for a veranda.

The conversion of the Dairy Shed has now been completed and the Applicants are now currently residing permanently in the permitted converted building. IPS have previously reported on the progress with the conversion and architectural quality of the scheme here

Conversion scheme in progress – October 2019

Whilst a slight amendment to the permitted scheme, the dwelling lies within the Cotswold AONB and is considered to lie within the setting of the Bagendon Conservation Area. An application for planning permission was therefore required for this addition.

The proposals seek to create a veranda lean-to structure comprising of profiled metal sheet roofing with metal and timber structure within the curtilage of the dwelling. The proposals will create an open shading structure to the southern terrace incorporating a porch structure to the main entrance to the east elevation facing the farm yard. The proposal will help create summer shading to the main living spaces behind and to the terrace on the southern elevation. The proposals will also reduce nigh-time light spillage.

Proposed veranda – (Image credit – Levitate)

The aesthetic quality of the veranda in terms of its form and external appearance will be both compatible with and enhance the character of the local landscape and the existing dwelling, within the permitted immediate curtilage of the property. The high architectural quality of the design and the choice of external cladding materials are regarded as entirely compatible with the landscape character of this part of the Cotswolds AONB.

We look forward to working with and discussing the proposals with Cotswold District Council in these difficult times as the application progresses through the consultation process.