Success Defending Appeal for a New Crematorium in North Kesteven

Impact Planning Services (IPS) was commissioned by North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) in early 2019 to undertake an appraisal of a needs assessment (quantitative and qualitative) and planning statement which had been submitted by applicants seeking to develop a new crematorium at Thurlby, in Lincolnshire. This independent assessment assisted NKDC’s officers in the preparation of their report to planning committee for determination of the proposed development. As part of the work, IPS was also instructed to prepare its own independent needs analysis in order to test the needs case submitted.

Following the refusal of the application, IPS supported NKDC at the subsequent planning appeal hearing earlier this year. This included the preparation of evidence and attendance at the appeal hearing itself.

The Inspector agreed with the case presented by the Council against the proposals and dismissed the appeal. It was noted that the Inspector agreed with all of the population and catchment data which IPS made derived from an objective and well understood methodology set out in detail and as such, found the Council’s methodology and resulting needs assessment case far more robust.

The robust and thorough modelling and figures relating to the issue of need provided by IPS and the narrative to support this, were fundamental in the Council being able to provide a strong case against the development in the location proposed.

The ONS data modelling of population projections, death rates, cortege drive time catchment areas, analysis and mapping proved invaluable in this case revealing not only flawed justification for the location proposed but that an alternative better placed location could more viably address any shortfall in provision.

Appeal PINS ref: APP/R2520/W/19/3236497: Inspector K. Savage. Decision dated: 24th April 2020