Swindon Borough Local Plan Review 2036: Emerging Strategies Public Consultation

Swindon Borough Council are currently carrying out a review of the current Local Plan for the Borough of Swindon.

Housing delivery in Swindon is increasingly reliant on large-scale new communities allocated for development in the Local Plan 2026, including the New Eastern Villages and Kingsdown. Due to delays in delivering these strategic sites, there is a residual requirement of housing delivery to be met in the interim and short-term timescales.

There is currently a Local Plan Emerging Strategies consultation being undertaken. This consultation looks at the reviewed plan which proposes alternative strategies to meet future housing and employment needs. It also includes draft development management policies and potential site allocations.

If you have development interests within the Swindon area we strongly recommend submitting representations to the Local Plan consultation, the deadline for submissions is 23rd September. IPS would be happy to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this with us further.